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Exterior Photo of The Corner Stepping Stone Adult Foster Care Home Do you or a loved one sometimes need a helping hand in life? The Corner Stepping Stone is an Adult Foster Care Home that cares for the fragile and elderly, mentally challenged, injured, or adults with medical concerns who need supervision or help to live in a private family home. We promote independence and activities in the community, giving people a chance to be a part of the community.

Many people find Adult Foster Care, the low-cost alternative to traditional assisted living facilities or nursing homes, to be a better fit for their values, lifestyle, and finances. An Adult Foster Care Family Home is a state-licensed private residence. It enables a family to provide assisted living to one to four residents (five if caring for elderly residents) who require help with daily activities but are not bedridden. Licensees of such a home, along with their residents, enjoy the greatest personal freedom and independence in both concept and operation of their shared household, everyone may exercise their full level of independence more than in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Most people do not like crowds and studies have shown that occupants of smaller Adult Foster Care Homes tend to be happier than residents in larger nursing homes are. In addition, an Adult Foster Care Home, is often less than half the expense of larger assisted living facilities, and one-third the cost of a nursing home.

The main purpose of an Adult Foster Care Home is to provide a family-like environment, where residents feel the warmth of human relationships. The Corner Stepping Stone sustains this family-like environment for every resident through the many services we offer.

Located in the City of Barnesville, in Clay County, Minnesota, The Corner Stepping Stone is a family-style Adult Foster Care Home set in a safe, picturesque, small-town environment. The Corner Stepping Stone is nestled in a quiet residential setting within walking distance of medical services, shopping opportunities, and other services. The Corner Stepping Stone is located 22 miles east of the Fargo-Moorhead Metro, and 25 miles west of Fergus Falls, providing ready access to an even wider array of other services within a short drive.

There are many nearby opportunities for relaxation and recreational enjoyment, as Barnesville is home to eleven different parks located throughout the community. Nearby Blue Eagle Lake features a fishing pier, swimming beach, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a paved walking path, offering residents a plethora of enjoyable recreational activities. The Barnesville community offers many community events, including the famous Potato Days Festival which draws attention and attendees from across the nation. There are a variety of local organizations for you or your loved one to get involved with and become an active member of the community.

Doris Brundage, the caregiver of the Corner Stepping Stone, has provided Adult Foster Care services for more than 24 years. Doris has used her experience to develop a family-style Adult Foster Care Home that promotes independence while providing the safety and supervision that her residents need.

The Corner Stepping Stone accepts both male and female clients, and is licensed by the state of Minnesota.

If this sounds like the solution to your needs, then please contact us to discuss your needs.

Doris C Brundage  |  MN AFC License Number: 1008739
202 3rd Avenue SE  |  Barnesville, MN 56514
Phone: 218-354-7585
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